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Impact 2023

In our first year as a nonprofit, we donated $15,000 to William's Superhero Fund with Wechsler-Reya lab at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute for medulloblastoma/brain cancer research. William's Heart-Works sent 75 Creative Care Packages all over the United States to children undergoing cancer treatment so that they could have access to art therapy at home. Finally, William's Warriors delivered seasonal art /craft supplies for winter holidays, Valentine's day, Spring, 4th of July, Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as bulk supply delivery in September keeping our art cart stocked at Cohen Children's Medical Center. General art supplies were also sent to Stony Brook Children's Hospital, NYU Winthrop, "Draw It Out " books for Hospice Care Network and fall art supplies for the Ronald McDonald House. 

Impact: 2017

With your help, William's Chalk the Walk and Be a Hero T-shirt Campaign raised $11,382.00 for medulloblastoma research! We collected art supplies for Stony Brook Children's Hospital, Cohen Children's Medical Center, and the Hospice Care Network! In addition, CCMC received an art cart and the Hospice Care Network received Art with Heart art therapy books! Starting in 2018, we have added the NYU Winthrop Hospital and the Ronald McDonald House to our recipient members list. In January 2018  we began sending Creative Care Packages to children undergoing cancer treatment. 
Way To Go Heroes!!!
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