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William's Warriors

Our Superhero

William was an incredibly funny, exuberant, smart, kind, loving, and of course handsome 5-year-old boy who loved Legos, Star Wars, Super Heroes (especially Batman), dinosaurs, and animals. He had just finished kindergarten and was about to embark on a summer of adventure and fun with his family. To start the summer, The Schultz family was going to Washington DC to celebrate a number of family milestones. But unfortunately, William was still suffering from what seemed to be a lingering stomach bug. They managed to reach their destination but needed to turn right around because William became very ill as a result of the pressure on his brain. Returning to NY and on the second trip to the ER, an MRI revealed that William had a brain tumor in his Posterior Fossa. He was transferred to Cohen Children’s Medical Center where he had emergency surgery the next day. It was confirmed that William had Medulloblastoma. There seemed to be reason to hope. They were able to perform a total resection of the tumor. William went through the standard risk protocol of radiation followed by chemotherapy. He did very well during that time. All signs at the end of Chemotherapy, in May of 2016 were that William had achieved remission. However, during the two months that followed, William’s health began to decline. An MRI in July revealed that William had relapsed. The cancer had metastasized throughout his brain and spine. Shortly after starting chemotherapy things took a turn for the worse and he needed emergency shunt surgery. Ultimately William fought his way back from the brink only to lose his life from complications related to High Dose Chemo with Stem Cell Rescue at the age of seven. Like his hero Batman, William faced extreme hardship with extraordinary strength, courage, and determination. He touched many hearts in his short life. 

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