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William's Superhero Fund

Research for a Cure


William’s Warriors (Inc) supports

Dr.Wechsler-Reya’s research on medulloblastoma/pediatric brain cancer as he works to translate his scientific discoveries into therapies that can improve the lives of children with cancer. 
Currently, brain cancer kills more children than any other cancer. Treatments are woefully limited and brutal. When William died from complications due to his cancer treatment, William's Warriors made the commitment to help make a difference so that other children would not suffer the way William did. Dr. Wechsler-Reya's lab is doing important work to help create targeted treatments and better outcomes for children fighting this terrible disease.

William's Superhero Fund

Columbia University

Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center

Donate to support the Wechsler-Reya Lab's research at Columbia University Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center. William's favorite superhero was Batman because he was an ordinary person who used his intelligence to be the world's greatest detective. There are a lot of superheroes in labs and hospitals all across the country doing amazing work trying to unravel the mystery of Childhood Cancer. But they are missing the one thing Bruce Wayne had a lot of, MONEY.  With only 4% of the NCI budget to fund childhood cancer, Charities must bridge the funding gap. Your donation will assist the heroes in the Wechsler-Reya Lab working to find a way to cure brain cancer. 

The Wechsler-Reya Lab "focuses on improving outcomes for patients with medulloblastoma, the most common malignant brain tumor in children. The Lab's current areas of interest include discovering oncogenic drivers and creating new models, elucidating the molecular mechanisms of metastasis, harnessing the immune system to target tumors, identifying new therapeutics, and exploring novel approaches to drug delivery".

The Lab recently moved from San Diego to New York as Robert Wechsler-Reya, Ph.D. begins his tenure as Professor of Neurological Sciences and Scientific Director of Brain Tumor Research in the Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer.

Wechsler Reya Lab

Heroes in the Fight against Pediatric Cancer


  Did you know that the survival rate for relapsed medulloblastoma is only 5%?

One example of the vital work the Wechsler Reya Lab is doing is the research that resulted in a current trial for “functional precision medicine” for relapsed medulloblastoma. This approach samples cancer tissue from a relapsed patient and tests the response of these cancer cells to 175 different anti-cancer drugs. The most effective drugs are then selected for therapy.

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