William's Heart-Works : Creative Care



The journey of Pediatric Cancer is brutal and often traumatizing.  Art can provide needed therapy for children undergoing Cancer Treatment. Research verifies the benefits of art therapy. In a 2013 paper, Effects of Creative Arts Therapies on Psychological Symptoms and Quality of Life in Patients With Cancer published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the authors reviewed the results of 27 studies which found that Creative Art Therapies help to control anxiety, depression and pain. This can be particularly important for children who have difficulty articulating how they feel. Art can help these young patients express their experiences and emotions.

Art has always been important to the Schultz Family because William's parents are artist/art educators.  When William was diagnosed at the age of 5 with medulloblastoma, his life quickly changed with painful and frightening experiences. Art and the act of creation became a very important support. It provided a distraction, a means of self-expression, a sense of accomplishment and physical therapy during William's often difficult treatment.

The Mission:

William was always proud of his creations and wanted others to join him. William's Heart-Works aims to fulfill this wish by helping to enhance the quality of life for other pediatric cancer patients by providing hospitals and hospice with the resources for art therapy for inpatient care. Individualized Creative Care Packages will be sent home upon request for continued support and therapy.  

What is in a Creative Care Package??

A Creative Care Package begins with a request. When this request is made information is provided  to help our team create an individualized art/art therapy experience. The Package includes:

1) A letter to the care giver explaining the contents of the CCP and its purpose

2) A letter to the child 

3) Instructions for directed art activities. 
(The individualized activities are created with the consultation of an art therapist.) 

4) Plenty of art materials for personal expression and creative fun. (Supplies are selected based on child's interests and needs. There are items included for siblings or group creative activities)


Heart-Work has begun!

December/January 2017-2018: 

First Creative Care Packages delivered!

Seasonal craft supplies for William's Heart-Works Cart were sent to Cohen Children's Medical Center and Stony Brook Children's Hospital for Winter Holidays.

as well as the first personalized outpatient Creative Care Packages! We look forward to sending out more!

Special  Creative Care Package Box Design by

William's sister, Sophia Schultz


William's Heart-works began its mission by collecting an enormous amount of art supplies at William's Chalk the Walk as well as a donation of 48 3D Colorables  from OOLY. A number of winners from the Chalk the Walk donated their prizes for art supplies and "Art with Heart" art therapy workbooks for the Hospice Care Network. Art supplies were equally divided among our recipients. Cohen Children's Medical Center received a TrippNT- ART CART.

Way to go Warriors!