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Helping Children through Creative Care

The journey of pediatric cancer is brutal and often traumatizing.  Art can provide needed therapy for children undergoing cancer Treatment. Research verifies the benefits of art therapy. In a 2013 paper, Effects of Creative Arts Therapies on Psychological Symptoms and Quality of Life in Patients With Cancer published in JAMA Internal Medicine, the authors reviewed the results of 27 studies which found that Creative Art Therapies help to control anxiety, depression, and pain. This can be particularly important for children who have difficulty articulating how they feel. Art can help these young patients express their experiences and emotions.

Art has always been important to the Schultz Family because William's parents are artists/art educators.  When William was diagnosed at the age of 5 with medulloblastoma, his life quickly changed with painful and frightening experiences. Art and the act of creation became a very important support. It provided a distraction, a means of self-expression, a sense of accomplishment, and physical therapy during William's often difficult treatment.

William's Heart-Works supports Creative Art Therapy for children undergoing cancer treatment both in and outpatient. Art and Craft supplies are sent all year long to Cohen Children's Medical Center, Stony Brook Children's Hospital, and NYU Langone Hospital Long Island as well 1st Time Admission Creative Care Kits for newly diagnosed patients admitted for their first inpatient treatment. William's Heart-works also maintains an Art Cart at CCMC. Outpatient Creative Care Kits are available upon request.


"Your supplies are more than just supplies; they are opportunities to make memories and experiences, and they instill a sense of mastery, control, and pride. Kids of all ages relish the ability to express themselves with different mediums/materials and use their creativity to push themselves to engage with the space and others in a positive way.  In looking at the gallery frames, so many of the pieces are crafted with the materials you provided."

-S. Sherman Child Life Specialist

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